One of the things I love about living in that there are some GREAT restaurants to check out and enjoy!

It's another one of our "Boise Secrets" and I love bragging about some of the great places to eat, especially when friends or family comes to visit.

Apparently the secret is getting out, because one of my favorite "foodie" websites,
TASTINGTABLE has Boise listed as one of their 27 most "underrated" cities in America for great dining opporutnities.

They single out several local restaurants, and even write that our Idaho Wine scene is a lot more happening that most people think! I think it's great that we're getting some recognition in the culinary arts department, but I also don't want to start waiting for an hour or more to chow down at my favorite restaurants.

Check out the full list and see what TASTING TABLE online is all about!

Nom Nom!

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