9-year-old Beckham of Melba, Idaho passed away at 4 a.m. yesterday after a courageous battle with terminal brain cancer.

Beckham is our second "Rick and Carly's Kid" to pass away. Just a couple months ago we lost 14-year-old Hannah Rodgers to Batten Disease and Jersey who was our "Rick and Carly's Kid" last December lost his Mother after a valiant battle following surgery complications. It's been a lot of loss, but I'm so grateful to have known these beautiful kids and their amazing families. They have touched our lives forever for the better.

Beckham has a positivity about him that inspired thousands. Near the end of his battle with DIPG, his mom shared a story about how they were eating enchilada's one night and watching Shazam when Beckham proclaimed, "I love everything about my life." This was a little boy who had been robbed of the ability to walk, who couldn't do most things little 9-year-old boys love to do, and yet he loved his life and appreciated all the love around him.

Last February, Beckham's story inspired you to donate to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and together we raised $127,000 for towards childhood cancer research and treatment.

If you weren't fortunate enough to know Beckham on this earth, here's a little bit about him in his own words. We love you, Beckham! We hope you are running and playing and laughing in heaven right now and our prayers will continue to be with your family that they can find peace. Hold your babies and your loved ones close because life is so very precious and we are never guaranteed tomorrow.

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