Granger Smith will be on the Commerical Tire Main Stage this Saturday afternoon at the 2018 Boise Music Festival.

WOW Country 104.3 is proud to be presenting Granger Smith - featuring Earl Dibbles, Jr., and we don't want you to miss the show!

We've posted several articles this week about Granger, but mostly about his alter ego, Earl Dibbles, Jr. Today, we want you to see the real Granger. A guy that loves his wife (pictured above) and his kids. He's just as at home working his ranch in Texas as he is on the stage. He's got strong moral fabric, is a family guy, and a guy that most other guys would do well to aspire to be like. I know when I'm around him, he makes me want to be a better "man".

He sets a great example for his kids and his fans. You'll notice in his videos, anytime Granger (or Earl Dibbles, Jr.) may be in a questionable or compromising position with an attractive woman....that woman in the video is his wife, Amber.

I've never seen Granger flirt or act questionable with women other than his wife. In a business and career that has a track record of that happening, and a rather target rich environment for both men and women, Granger remains one of those guys that is dedicated to his relationship with his wife and being a great example for his kids.

I am proud to know Granger and call him a friend. I hope you'll come see him on Saturday at the Boise Music Festival. He takes the stage right around 6:30pm - so get there early!

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