Granger Smith is keeping himself busy in quarantine despite being off the road from touring.

Smith and his wife film their YouTube series 'The Smiths' twice a week. They've done this for over a year now and Smith says the series has created quite the demand for the whole brand in general. So despite quarantine stopping most of the country's activities, it hasn't stopped Smith and his wife from being able to film and create their series twice a week. Not only has he enjoyed the videos giving his brand growth, he's glad he will have the HD home footage in 10 years. Besides filming the series, Smith says his family spends most of their quarantine outside on their farm all day, every day.

He also addressed his famous 'Yee Yee' signature, noting that it's a daily battle of trying to stop imposters from stealing their look and selling it on their own websites. Granger confessed that it's a good problem to have, but it's really annoying to deal with every day. And as most people who know Granger Smith's alter ego Earl Dibbles Jr, The Bobby Bones Show had to ask if Earl and Tiger King's Joe Exotic would be friends. Smith laughed and shared that they have a shirt coming out called "Earl Exotic" because Earl has met a lot of people like Exotic in his lifetime.

Smith isn't just a family man, and a brand genius. He is also always staying in shape. He contributes that to his healthy eating. He said 80% of his regimen is eating healthy while also staying active. He eats really healthy 6 days a week, then doesn't care on the 7th day.