Every week we visit Treasure Valley elementary schools. Here's 5 schools I think are extra special. 

Rick and I love visiting the local elementary schools to get the kiddos saying the pledge of allegiance. You can hear different classrooms of kids saying the pledge every day on our show at 8am. I've noticed how great the schools seem here, and I've heard fantastic things about education in the Treasure Valley.

Here's 5 local schools that made a lasting impression on me 

  • Chaparral Elementary in Meridian: This was the very first school we visited. I love that it's nestled right in a neighborhood so a lot of kids just walk to school without ever having to venture along a busy road. The principal is awesome! We heard her do morning announcements and she made the fruit slushie they were having with lunch that day sound soooooo good!
  • River Valley Elementary in Meridian: This school has been around for 15 years, but you would never know it because they take such good care of it. The secretary told us the janitor takes incredible pride in what he does. The principal was really cool. He had to tackle two "emergencies" with kiddos while we were there and took such a cool, calm, and collected approach.
  • Silver Sage Elementary in Boise: Principal Amy and secretary Kim make this school. They are so fun and positive. They love their jobs and take pride in their school. You can tell all of the teachers and students love that Principal Amy is in charge. Plus, they are country music fans! Does it get any better?!
  • Longfellow Elementary in Boise: In the heart of downtown Boise, this school was built in 1906. I love the history of the school and it's got a neat two-story layout. They've taken great care of it. The teachers seem so loving and engaged with the kids and the principal was equally great. It's got a 5 star rating on greatschools.org, so that also says a lot!
  • Chief Joseph School of the Arts in Meridian: I've heard there is a lot of opportunity for kids to go to schools that specialize in something here in the Treasure Valley. I think it's fantastic that kids can explore their interests while learning all of the basics at the same time. I've talked to a few people whose children go to this school and they love it!