When you head to Memorial Stadium, of course watching the baseball game is the main reason you're there. But, let's throw it out there, the food at the park is definitely the cherry on top! Haven't tried what they have to offer? Then you have to make a stop before the season ends (9/3). To give you a little motivation, Boise weekly released a list of 9 foods and drinks (one for each inning, of course) that you MUST try.


  • Credit: kazoka30
    Credit: kazoka30

    1st Inning: Beer

    Like Boise Weekly says, "Get a beer. This is a baseball game." They have a lot to offer you too.

  • Credit: kwanchaichaiudom
    Credit: kwanchaichaiudom

    2nd Inning: Peanuts

    We all know the song "Take me out to the ball game....buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks.."

    Yeah, that's because peanuts are as American as the game itself.

  • Credit: bhofack2
    Credit: bhofack2

    3rd Inning: Hot Dogs

    So. many. hotdogs. I'm serious, at Memorial Stadium, you have 9 different dogs to choose from, including a 'foot-long dog' WHOA!

  • Credit: rez-art
    Credit: rez-art

    4th Inning: Tacos

    These are some gourmet tacos we're talking too. Check out the "fried shrimp taco at the Coors Light Purple Porch, packing pico, cheddar and lime aioli" YUMMY!

  • Credit: Joe Raedle | Getty Images
    Credit: Joe Raedle | Getty Images

    5th Inning: Corn Dog

  • Credit: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images
    Credit: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

    6th Inning: Cheesesteak Sandwich

    If, at this point, you're still hungry, cheesesteak sandwich is the way to go. This one, according to Boise Weekly, is a favorite among Boise Hawks employees (that says a lot). Get yours at Grand Slam Grill or Coors Light Purple Porch.

  • Credit: 3dan3
    Credit: 3dan3

    7th Inning: Nachos

    After you get a little stretch in (and make more room), you'll want to try the nachos. Dibs on the nucleus chip!

  • Credit: Tim Warner/BIG3/Getty Images
    Credit: Tim Warner/BIG3/Getty Images

    8th Inning: Snow Cone

    Wash down all the yummy with a refreshing snow cone this inning. Snow Zone is where to get yours.

  • Credit: OlgaMiltsova
    Credit: OlgaMiltsova

    9th Inning: Ice Cream

    Every 9-course meal should finish up with a little ice cream, right? You can get a couple scoops at the Hawks game in a fun little souvenir helmet cup. Might want to try the huckleberry cheesecake ice cream *drooling*!

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