It's an annual tradition in the Treasure Valley that celebrates all things cannabis.

Boise Hempfest is a free event which the founders describe as a "cannabis education event" happening at Julia Davis Park on April 14th, 2018. Every year there's plenty of entertainment, speakers, vendors, and of course tons of weed-esque paraphernalia to pick up. Of course, the sale of recreational marijuana is illegal in Idaho, so don't expect to pick up a stash at the event.

To keep things safe and family friendly for everyone, Boise Hempfest released this legal disclaimer on their website:

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: According to Idaho Statute 37-2732C(a), it is ILLEGAL to use or be under the influence of a controlled substance in public. In addition, per Boise City Code, smoking tobacco is also prohibited in public parks.

The Boise Police Department will likely be in attendance and Boise Hempfest does not wish to see anyone arrested or cited while at our event. Anyone smoking a substance of ANY KIND will be asked to leave the park.

You can get more information on Boise Hempfest here.


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