I don't know what is up with the high-speed chases through Idaho lately, but this one ended up with the car in a creek!

You may have heard about the high-speed chase on Sunday that led cops on a 90-mile pursuit with the car cruising between 100 mph and 120 mph. Last night cops had a second chase to deal with.

This time around a white Mitsubishi Lancer wouldn't pull over for the Payette County Sheriffs Deputies.

The chase went down about 11 o'clock last night and at one point the driver tried to ram deputies. He then drove to Oregon and back to Weiser before he hit spike strips on W. 7th street and crashed into Monroe Creek.

Thank goodness there were no injuries involved with this crash. According to idahonews.com, the suspect has been taken into custody.

Let this serve as a warning that you are most likely never escaping the cops for long, so just pull over!