I am seeing so many posts on social media of people decorating trees, and in my neighborhood there is a full blown north pole up already. Have you decorated in some way already this year for Christmas? Well one family in Texas was told to take down their Christmas lights, that it was too early...

It seems like every year people get more and more stir crazy to decorate for Christmas. This year I have seen since right after Halloween, Christmas decor up. As a matter of fact I fell victim and caved on and had to do some decorating. I mean the Christmas decor has actually been in stores since the last week of September, many of us saw a mix of Halloween and Christmas decor in the big box stores.

Imagine putting your lights up and having an HOA ( homeowners association) tell you to take down your Christmas decor that it is too early? Yet so many people are putting lights and decor up... just doesn't make sense to me. Now this family did start decorating November 1st, which some can argue is too early but if it makes them happy then who cares.

I am not a fan of things like this and it's sad that they wanted to bring some light and brightness to their house and family.



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