This could change the way hotels operate in the future.

Traveling is an exciting aspect in our lives. I can't imagine what it would have been like to stay in one place simply because traveling was too expensive, time consuming, or even dangerous. These days we can hope on a plane and be just about anywhere else on the planet within a day.

And with traveling comes lodging.

Sometimes the hotel experience can make or break your trip. I've stayed in some "ehh that was Ok places" and I've also stayed in some "can't wait to come back" places in my day. Most of the time when I travel, the hotel is just a place to rest up and get ready for the new day. If I've taken the time to go somewhere, I want to explore the place I'm in.

Now, there are plenty of great amenities that come with hotels however, with my go-go-go mentality, I don't use them. Pools, housekeeping, and early check-in are some of the biggest selling points to a hotel. Although, I do usually look for the complimentary breakfast when I check in. But if you don't use them, why pay for them?

That's the thinking behind MCR Hotels latest experiment.

According to Fortune, the company is trying out an "a la carte" approach to hotel bookings. If guests choose to take a dip in the pool it will cost $25 per day. Should a guest opt for early check-in, that would cost them $20. You can see how this could all start to stack up.

On the flip side however, by charging extra for the... uh... extras, the hotels can actually offer lower rates on rooms.

So why won't we see this in the state of Idaho?

Currently, MCR Hotels doesn't own any properties in our state. However, if you travel to about 50 percent of the rest of the country, you could find a hotel that is offering this new business model. Maybe you want to travel to the coast of California or the beaches of Florida. There are also properties in the northeast and Pacific North West.

What do you think of this new business model? Would you take advantage of it? Do you think it will last?

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