I think for the most part, Idahoans are pretty happy, right? I mean, it is pretty hard to totally calculate happiness, however, we can get a pretty good picture of whether or not Idahoans are "happy" where they are living. According to Oxford economists, they can get a good read on happiness levels by analyzing resident's "health, economic stability, and a lifestyle with good social ties and plenty of time spent outside of work."

MagnifyMoney took those "happiness parameters" and came out with a list of 'Happiest States in the U.S.' So where did Idaho land? Well, we're not at the top but we're definitely far from last.  Idaho landed at No. 13 on the list; getting a score of 14 in 'health', a score of 7 in 'lifestyle', and 16 in 'economic stability'.

So, can you guess who got the top spot? This one, honestly, surprised me. It's Minnesota! At No. 2 comes South Dakota, then Colorado. The least happy...Louisiana. Check out the full list HERE.