Car theft incidents in Idaho have increased over the years, but is that the “norm” for other states in the country? Or, have car theft rates in the United States gone down?

Let’s find out if Idaho is one of the best (or worst 😬) states in the country when it comes to car theft.

There’s a recent article from Cheapism that says...

“Although the rate of car theft in the United States has declined by 62.6% since 1990, certain states continue to be riskier than others. The National Insurance Crime Bureau breaks it down state-by-state with annual analyses of car theft statistics; the data here from 2021, the most recent year available, shows which states have the biggest and smallest risk for car theft and the impact on car insurance premiums.”

So, where did Idaho rank in their analyses?

Idaho was rated the 4th best state in America — having some of the lowest rates of car theft, with 96.74 car thefts happening per every 100,000 inhabitants, according to Cheapism and The National Insurance Crime Bureau.

4th place is still winning, right?

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They added, “Idaho auto owners have little to fear in the way of car theft and reap the benefits on their auto insurance premiums: The state has the country’s sixth-lowest costs, with average monthly premiums of just $32.”

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