Whether any of us are happy with the state of the world right now, one thing is for sure: we're living in the future, y'all.

We can connect with anyone across the planet with a phone, humans reserving private flights to space, and even artificial intelligence.

One thing we still can't seem to get right, however, is photos of wanted criminals.

Twin Falls Police Department needs our help

We do not doubt that if it were up to the police and those who serve, every security camera would have amazing zooming capabilities and record in 4K. Unfortunately, many businesses cannot afford to have such technology and no one ever thinks that their business would be the ones to record a crime in progress.

This appears to be the situation for the Twin Falls Police Department who shared a photo of a suspect they're looking to bring in for questioning.

So, while yes, they do have photos of the suspect that they're looking for, there is one catch: the photos are poor in quality... like, really poor.

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"This is definitely a long shot because we know these photos are extremely pixelated," Twin Falls Police Department wrote on their Facebook page.

"But if anyone feels as though they might recognize something regarding these images, please contact Detective Thompson at 208-735-7279 or tthompson@tfid.org."

You have to give Twin Falls PD credit for being aware of the poor image quality but that didn't stop people in the comment section from roasting the photo.

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Tough one, isn't it? You can check out Twin Falls PD's full post below:

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