Rick and Carly are giving away The Farm.  I think that's how the saying goes right?  Every single morning you have a shot at Garth Brooks concert tickets with Rick and Carly's Thousand Dollar Minute at 7:10.  You simply answer 10 easy questions in a 60 second time period and you score the money ($1,000) and GARTH BROOKS concert tickets.  Hey these babies aren't even on sale yet and you know once they are, it's going to be next to impossible to lock a pair down.

So how do you play?  How do you get your chance?  And how do you get LOTS of extra help with these easy questions?

First off, I want to emphasize how easy these questions are.  For some reason, people just get too nervous and freak out, blowing their chance at a HUGE prize.  Here are a few examples of questions we've used this week...

  • What's 25 + 23?  (48)
  • What's the name of the morning show on 104.3 WOW Country?  (Rick and Carly)
  • Name an Idaho city that starts with the letter 'M'?  (Meridian)
  • What channel is KTVB on?  (7)
  • How many legs does a spider have?  (8)
  • What's the other name for a Wiener Dog?  (Dachsund)
  • Name a Garth Brooks song?  (The Dance, Thunder Rolls, Friends in Low Places, etc...)

These are the kinds of questions we're asking!  Yeah.  No joke.  And here's a little clue just in case you want some extra help.  We're sending out answers the day before to everyone who has the 104.3 WOW Country app on their phone.  Rick and Carly just sent out five answers (yeah that's half) for the next $1,000 Minute because they're dying to give these tickets and that money away.

It's ridiculously easy and we're playing every morning at 7:10 and 9:10.  If you're ready to roll the dice and give Rick and Carly's Thousand Dollar Minute a try... sign up below and let's get you in the absolute BIGGEST concert to ever hit Boise, Idaho.

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