If the first daughter ever visits a Treasure Valley school, for her sake let's hope she gets a warmer welcome.

Earlier this week, Trump visited a school in Connecticut to speak with high-achieving students. When parents found out, some of them actually pulled their kids from class. The unannounced visit left some parents feeling pretty salty that they weren't told ahead of time that Trump would be speaking to their kids. One parent, Karey Fitzgerald, was less than enthused about the president's daughter speaking to her child:

I think we should have had the choice to send our child to school or keep them home.

The negative feedback didn't seem to phase Ivanka Trump. Shortly after her visit she tweeted:

How would students and parents react if Trump visited a class in the Treasure Valley? We may never know. However, the first daughter was in Sun Valley earlier this yearLet us know on Facebook if you'd be ok with an unannounced visit from the first daughter.

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