We're already 35 cents a gallon higher than the national average and this triple whammy is not helping our gas prices here in Boise at all.Gas prices started rising before the eclipse and they continue to go up for two reasons. The obvious is Labor Day weekend. It's all about supply and demand and let's face it, a lot of people travel over Labor Day weekend.

So let's get to the second reason.  Why would Hurricane Harvey affect our gas prices here in Boise?  Part of the devastation in Houston has affected several refineries which leads to a ripple effect of higher gas prices for everyone across the U.S. including us here in Idaho.  AAA says they expect the inflation of gas prices to halt within a couple weeks and hopefully start dropping off again mid-September.

The national gas price per gallon now is $2.40. Idaho's average is $2.75 which is 29 cents more than it was a year ago.  Bottom line? We've been hit hard this year.

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