There's so many of these nasty, dirty hypodermic needles being found here in Boise that kids are starting to find them.


So why are they here and where are they coming from?  More importantly, what are the hazards of these dirty needles being left around our beautiful city?


Boise Police are saying all these needles point to an old opioid epidemic and this could cause a very real health hazard here in our community.  Over the past year there have been 55 cases reported to the police of hypodermic needles being found in the streets, front yards, around trash cans, in parks, pretty much everywhere.


Boise Police Captain Ron Winegar says this problem is elevating rapidly.  They've had 14 cases reported in just the past couple of months.  Schools have become so concerned they are now addressing hypodermic needles in their war against drugs education.


Hepatitis and the AIDS virus can sustain for days on an old dirty needle.  Do not touch them.  Contact the Boise Police Department and let the professionals dispose of them.

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