KTVB reports on a crash that resulted in explosions, fire, and lots of smoke which blocked both sides of I-84 Tuesday morning at milepost 187 near Eden which is just East of Twin Falls.

The Idaho State Police have not released how many vehicles were involved or the extent of the damage that was done.  They also have released no information on who was involved, how many injured and whether or not there were fatalities.  We can only hope and pray that everyone involved is o.k.

I drove through that area this morning on my way back from Salt Lake City and all lanes of I-84 had been re-opened and traffic was moving at full speed.  It looked as if nothing had ever happened.  After the tragic accident a couple of weeks ago on I-84 here in the Treasure Valley which also ended in explosions, fire, and smoke and also took four lives, we can only hope that the outcome of this accident is better.  We'll keep you posted as we find out more.

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