There was a fatality due to this crash.  36-year-old Michael Kreider had to swerve to avoid traffic from the original accident sending him into another semi-truck.  Kreider was wearing his seatbelt but unfortunately died at the scene.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.


If you're wondering why you were locked up in back-to-back traffic forever this morning on I-84 heading westbound in the Caldwell area... it was because of a semi-truck crash that took place around 10:30.  Actually, it was two semi's that were involved in this accident.

The accident took place near Galloway Road overpass, a few miles west of Caldwell and fortunately, nobody was hurt.  According to KTVB, one semi rear-ended another semi that was carrying a bunch of vehicles.  Some of those vehicles ended up on the freeway and ended up crunched pretty good but nobody was in those vehicles so no injuries.

Both truck drivers are safe and at this time, authorities do not know why or what happened to cause the collision.

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