People are always a bit surprised when they find this out about me.

We're always told in radio that "your listeners really want to know the real you", or..."let the listeners into your life, it builds a great bond."

I've been doing radio for a long time, and it's been a great career. I have many friends from both all sides. People I've worked for, people I've worked with, people who've worked for me, listeners and a lot of friends from the country music world.

Like anyone else, I have hobbies and interests outside radio and away from the job. One of my passions (besides a great bottle of red wine), is art. My grandfather painted. My mother painted. So I guess maybe it's in my DNA.

So, when I'm not being "El Jefe" (as the Wow team calls me), or "Rich on your Wow Ride Home", there's a good chance I'm in front of my easel, putting acrylics on canvas.
I love to paint wildlife and landscapes, but I've also done some wine paintings (shocker, I know), and a few other subjects.

I enjoy it, because it takes me to my "happy place" for a few hours, where I can decompress and bring the blood pressure back to normal. It has made me realize there's a reason Bob Ross was so "chill" when he would say..."let's get crazy...and put a big old tree...right there". If I've learned one thing, it's that Bob Ross gave thousands the confidence to at least pick up a brush and give it a try. It may not turn out to be something for everyone, but at least they tried. That's how I got started.

Hey, for some, it's running. For some, it's gardening. For some, it's whatever takes us from the stress and hustle of everyday life. The point is, we should all have something that takes us to our own "happy place" and helps us feel "real". I paint, therefore, I am.

I hope YOU have something that helps you say the same.

By the way, the painting of the Kingfisher you see above, was from a photo near my home. I was sitting by a pond, and he flew up and sat about 12 feet from me. Checked me out for a bit. I thought he'd make a good painting. Hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for reading and listening! ~Rich

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