I have known Hank for years and it has taken this long for me to be able to make it on a fishing trip with him. What a fun weekend day with resident Hank Patterson and a few of his buddies.

Hank Patterson is known as the "world renowned fly fishing guide" who has made funny fly fishing videos that go viral and really on the forefront of it years ago. I will admit I was a little nervous and you never know if Hank will be just randomly filming for a video or even taking mental notes of funny things for his podcast...which lets be honest he is. I am a mess of clumsy and it's funny sometimes, even years of fly fishing and I am still a spazz. Thankfully so is Hank a little. We met up early and he instantly was judging me because of me unorganized chaos of a car, and I knew that the day was going to be full of laughs.

Now it is never one to assume that just because someone is funny in videos or on stage that they are funny in real life, but Hank really is. He is that laid back funny too when you're fishing. He instantly started landing fish on a dry fly not 20 minutes into us arriving at our first stop. He outfished all of us most likely but was a good sport about it and didn't rub it in too much.

The crazy misadventures he has including his encounter with me can be heard on his podcast. Hoping to join soon and talk about the crazy adventures that unfolded today... two words lumbar support.

A no we didn't take a single photo together and the only one I got is of Hank from a distance, but that is the mark of a good day of fly fishing.

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