Remember last week when we had over 100 automobile accidents on I-84?  Here we go again.


By midday on Friday the Ada County Sheriff's Office had already reported 54 car crashes and 23 slide-offs.  And that's before the ice really got bad last night.


With all this snow and moisture it didn't take much but when temperatures dropped into the low teens... that's a flat out recipe for disaster.  There's two things the Ada County Sheriff's are asking from us when we're on the road.  SPACE and SPEED!


Allow a little extra space in front of you, brake a little earlier, and keep your speed at a minimum.  Expect the ice to get ya.  Once your car starts sliding, it's over.  You're at the mercy of everyone else on the road and we all know how some of them drive.  Yikes!


I'd add, please be defensive with your driving.  Know that others are going to be in those out of control, ice slipping situations and they're going to need you to be a little creative to try and stay out of their way.


Bottom line... if you can stay off the roads for a bit... probably not a bad idea.