As we enter Spring, the opportunity to encounter a deadly animal or creature increases. With the warmer weather, things are coming out of hibernation. In Idaho, abundant wildflowers, impressive waterfalls, and outdoor activities become part of our routine. Whether hiking, spring cleaning, or camping, there's a chance of encountering something that may not like the fact that you're there.

With Moutain lions being sited along the greenbelt, spiders in boxes you last opened in the Spring of last year and bears digging out of your trash at your campsite, you never know what or who you are going to come across.

I have no camping experience, and my wife continues to make sure I remember when I mention that we should go camping. I don't know what types of animals I would encounter, but I have seen enough movies to know that I shouldn't leave my trash out when camping because it attracts bears!

Not to mention snakes, which are venomous and which aren't? Rattlesnakes are the only ones I can quickly identify, and the best option is to get out of there. Most recently, two coyotes approached my back patio when I was letting the dogs do their business, and thankfully, their barking got my attention.

Note that this comes from someone who has a limited amount of outdoor experience but someone who will be enjoying more of the outdoors as the weather continues to warm up. Be aware of your surroundings, be prepared for what you could come across, and make sure that someone knows where and what you're doing when enjoying the beautiful outdoors of Idaho.

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