It all started with one mom who drove up to her child's school to pick up the kids just like she does every day.  As Amanda Reallan waited for her kids to get out at Hayden Meadows Elementary School in Hayden, Idaho she saw three young boys taking the United States Flag down.  You could tell these young men had been taught to respect the flag and that the U.S. flag was to NEVER, under no circumstances, touch the ground.

It was a bit windy outside and the boys were having trouble.  That's when one of the boys laid down on the ground beneath the flag to make sure it wouldn't touch the ground.  As he lay there, protecting the sanctity of our American Flag, the other two boys were finally able to properly fold the flag up and bring it inside.

Since Amanda's posted this picture on Facebook it's received almost 4,000 LIKES and 5,500 SHARES.  The picture has gone viral with comments like...

I'm so proud of these boys


Future Law Men

We live in a country that's divided.  Politically, morally, and in almost every way you could look at things so it's refreshing to see three young men in elementary school doing their part to protect and honor the United States of America.  I applaud these young men.  I applaud those who taught them.  And I applaud anyone who's willing to put politics aside, stand up and be PROUD to be an American!

Credit: Amanda Reallan
Credit: Amanda Reallan

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