Is Idahoan Foods stepping into the sports world?

Idahoan Foods started in 1951 when a group of Lewisville, Idaho, growers decided to join forces to create a potato dehydration plant. In 1990 Idahoan developed a proprietary, innovative process that better preserves natural potato taste and texture.

Hailie Deegan took to Instagram and shared, on February 13, 2023, a video of herself giving fans a tour of her home, and she also "whipped up some of their real easy mashed potato recipes."

If Hailee Deegan doesn't ring a bell for you, she made history at the Meridian Speedway in 2018, winning the K&N Pro Series West race and being the first female to win a race in the K&N Pro Series.

In November of 2021, Idahoan Foods on Instagram promoted that Hailie Deegan would be signing autographs at the Mashed in America tour at Phoenix Raceway for an autograph session.

They also sponsor a snowcross racing team.




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Did you know that TD Garden in Boston has its concession stand for Idahoan Mashed Potatoes? That's pretty legit! I remember growing up, and it was a staple in our home since my family lived paycheck to paycheck.

Idahoan Foods has done a great job marketing its products to fit everyone's lifestyle. It's probably been about ten years since I've had Idahoan potatoes, but I might have to get to the store and check them out.

I love to see Idahoan Foods continue to team up with athletes in the sports world.

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