Ok, it's pretty likely that you've heard something or other about the "Trade War" and/or tariffs. so, maybe it doesn't affect you so much until it does, right? USA Today recently published a list of the 15 counties that are "most exposed to China's tariffs." Honestly, I assumed these counties would be in states found in the Midwest, but it turns out, counties all over the U.S. are feeling it, some more than others. The biggest workforce to be impacted, according to KTVB, will be in counties with small populations "and a high level of dependency on a single industry".

Unfortunately, one of those 15 counties most affected is right here in Idaho. Power County (Eastern Idaho near Pocatello) will be feeling a sting because of those tariffs. Here's a breakdown (via KTVB):

Number of jobs affected: 1,226

Share of local employment: 37.5%

Frozen fruit, juice, and vegetable mfg.

Luckily, there's only one county in Idaho that's feeling it, unlike Alaska which has three counties on the list, due to their dependency on the seafood industry. Read the full list HERE.

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