When I first moved here there was a learning curve on some of the things that were said in the area. We have compiled a list of some of the things that are Idaho terms, things Idahoans know all about that people from outside the state may not.

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  • 1

    Finger Steak

    Finger steaks are pretty much Idaho only. They are deep fried pieces of steak you dip in fry sauce or cocktail sauce.

  • 2

    Fry Sauce

    People in Utah try to claim fry sauce started there but really, Idahoans got it. It is the perfect combination of mayo and ketchup that goes well with everything, not just french fries.

  • 3

    Campfire Sauce

    Think a lot like fry sauce, but only with barbecue sauce instead of ketchup. Perfect for any barbecue or when you go camping.

  • 4


    A rockchuck is also known as a marmot or whistle pig. They are those annoying nuisances that galumph through fields and dig holes.

  • 5

    Jockey Box

    To everyone else in the United States it is known as a glove box, the compartment in your car. It is also known as a glove compartment.

  • 6

    Spud Bars

    The Owyhee Spud Bar is a delicious candy that most Idahoans have on stock, or can get super easily. It tends to replace the check out last minute candy purchase.

  • 7

    The County Song

    People who grew up and went to school in Idaho know the Idaho County Song. Probably still to this day. Someone made a song of all the counties in Idaho in alphabetical order.

  • 8

    Ice Cream Potato

    Not made out of potato, but vanilla ice cream that looks like a baked potato and tastes amazing.

  • 9


    When something isn't sitting right, or it is crooked.

  • 10

    "What's That Smell"

    Said a lot in Idaho, it could be the dairy, the butcher farms, the sugar beet factory but it's definitely not Chobani.

  • 11

    Funeral Potatoes

    A delicious creation of creamy potatoes with cheese and a crunchy top. Got it's name because people tend to make this casserole for the families after a funeral.

  • 12

    Ice Wine

    Made a lot in Idaho, ice wine is made from grapes that have frozen on the vine. With the craziness of Mother Nature a frost could happen in July.

  • 13


    We call potatoes spuds all the time. It has a better ring to it than potatoes.

  • 14

    "Niagara of the West"

    The nickname of Shoshone Falls, technically taller than Niagara Falls and, even more stunning if you ask us.

  • 15

    BASE Jumping

    The only place you can jump off the bridge legally is here in Idaho at the Perrine Bridge, without a permit anyway. People move to Idaho just so they can BASE jump off the bridge.

  • 16


    Not necessarily the only thing that "Doc Holliday" called himself in the movie "Tombstone". Instead, it is a delicious berry that make the best flavor for anything. Ice cream, lemonade, syrup, jam or just by themselves. Huckleberries are the state berry.

  • 17

    Boise pronunciation

    Boise is not pronounces (Boyz-ee) it is Boy-see. There is no z. Idahoans instantly know when they are talking to an out of towner when they hear the capitol pronounced incorrectly.

  • 18

    Mountain Lion Vs Cougar

    Idahoans are way more likely to call these big cats mountain lions. Other areas call them cougars.

  • 19


    Pronounced Peek-A-Boo this is not the game you play with a child. Picabo Street is an Olympic Athlete from Idaho that also got into some trouble, but we don't talk about that. She was an Olympian!

  • 20

    Chicken Out Ridge

    The ridge on Mount Borah (the highest peak in Idaho) where many hikers hoping to make it to the top chicken out because of the sloped mountain top. If you get past Chicken Out Ridge you will make it to the top.

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