Oh internet. Some of your lists are just so wrong. Who even wrote this thing?

You've seen the lists: This Hidden Gem In (State) Is Literally Heaven On Earth(State)'s 36 Best Places To See A ThingYou Won't Believe This Secret (Place) In (State)! Some of them feel really try-hard, others actually have some neat things to discover. This one is definitely the former.

Buzzfeed put together a Here Are The Best Slang Terms From Every State list, and it feels like the author had to completely make something up to make a quota. And it shows. The list says that Oregon's go-to slang term is "coast," in that folks in Oregon refer to the beach as "the coast." For Washington, "Hella" is the hip slang. This writer has literally not heard someone use the term hella since the mid 90's. I lived in Seattle for two years. Not a single person said it.

On to Idaho. What do us crazy Idahoans say is our favorite slang term? Get ready to bash your head into a wall:


As in, we refer to any vehicle as a rig. Do we though? Sure I've heard people refer to a truck or SUV as a rig once or twice, but is it really our best slang term? Let us know on Facebook if you think Buzzfeed hit the nail on the head with this one, or if it was a big fat swing and a miss.

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