What is going on with animals here in Idaho?  The Meridian teacher who made national news after he fed a live puppy to his snapping turtle is still under fire and has pretty much gone into hiding through this social media bonanza of very unhappy people and organizations.  Now we have a dog that was shot in the face and left for dead.

A Magic Valley woman said she heard someone yelling and screaming at her dog last week just outside her home.  Soon after that she noticed a large lump on her dog's face and started to sift through the hair to see what happened.  The lump was on her cheek and it looked as though and infection was starting.  The woman attempted to pressure the infection out of the dog's cheek and that's when it happened.  A bullet squeezed out and landed right there on the floor.  Her dog had been shot in the face.

Credit: Albert Gonzalez Farran
Credit: Albert Gonzalez Farran

Imagine how shocked you'd be to see a bullet pop out of your dog's face.  The woman who's identity has not been released immediately contacted authorities who are currently investigating.  Fortunately the bullet did very little harm and the dog is expected to be just fine.  If you have any information please contact the Twin Falls Police Department at 208-735-4357.

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