It's embarrassing enough sometimes to show your parents how bad your grades are.  How about EVERY parent and EVERY kid in school knowing how bad they are?  Yikes.  That's exactly what's happened at Hazel Stuart Elementary School in Shelley, Idaho.  The secretary accidentally sent everyone all 380 report cards.

I might have some sympathy for these guys if it hadn't already occurred just last year.  Yeah.  According to East Idaho News, Shelley High School staff accidentally sent a mass email to parents with the personal information of every student with three to five absences last year. That's not quite as embarrassing as your entire report flapping out in the wind for all your friends, peers, and pretty much everyone in the entire city to see but it's still a matter of privacy and should've been a warning to take extra precautions to make sure something like this doesn't happen in the future.

Both schools are part of the same district and precautions were taken.  New policies and procedures for data management were implemented.  Unfortunately, it was human error that caused this unfortunate mishap to go down.

Shelley School District Superintendent Dr. Bryan Jolley is adamant that this was pilot error and measures will be taken to discipline and retrain current staff members.  I guess they're going to get a spanking and then jump back up on that horse.

Maybe it's not the worst thing for everyone to see everyone's report cards.  I've often thought it may be good for everyone at my work to know how much everyone else makes.  Maybe it would allow those that are underpaid an opportunity to step up and demand more.  Get paid what they're worth or at least whatever the going rate is for their services.

The big issue here is privacy.  These kids all deserve it and we, as adults owe it to them to protect that privacy.  Some students struggle in areas that they're trying to work through and embarrassing them because of some bad grades isn't fair.  I hope that Jolley can get his staff in line and make it a priority to protect the privacy of each of their students.  I get this is an accident but it's twice now in a year this accident's occurred.  Take some responsibility and make this a priority.  This should never happen again.

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