Imagine walking into your garage and everything, I mean everything is just gone.  A huge, gaping hole opened up in the floor and opened up a secret room that you had no idea was even there.

After hearing about that national story where parents chained up their kids for years holding them captive it creeps me out when I see secret rooms like this popping up.  The Bush family of Idaho Falls woke up early Tuesday morning to some kind of a loud bang.  After searching everywhere and not finding anything they went back to bed.  Later they found out exactly what that bang was.  Their entire garage floor had caved in.

Now the floor caving in is shocking enough but when the Bush family saw shelving along with children's toys, handbags, curlers, and other items they knew it was some kind of a secret room.

The insurance provider along with an engineer came out to investigate the damage and to try and figure out exactly what this room was.  At first, the thought was that this might be some kind of bomb shelter but that theory's been ruled out.  At this time, those investigating feel there is a chance that this room was designed with sinister intentions.  The insurance provider went as far as to instruct the Bush family on what exactly they should do if they find a body.  O.k. now that's some creepy stuff.

Possibilities of more secret rooms below their home is high and an investigation continues as the clean up process begins.  We'll keep you posted.

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