This is scary! Make sure you are not doing this or a burglar could get into your home within a few seconds!

We've all heard don't leave your car running in the driveway to warm up because someone could steal your car. I've even had a Meridian City police officer knock on my door at 3 a.m. warning me not to leave  garage door open before I head out the door, which is sound advise, but I never thought about this.

If you are one to leave your car parked outside because you don't have room in your garage, the says police are warning residents that the new trick thieves are utilizing is to break into your car and then use the garage door opener to quickly get into your garage and your home!!

So scary! I never thought about this, but you can see how easily it could happen!

Police advise you to lock the door between the garage and your home or even better, if you have a portable garage door opener take it inside with you instead of leaving it in your car.

Here's a video from Facebook that show just how easily these can get into your home by using this trick.

If you think this can't happen to you because we live in safe, "nothing ever happens here" Idaho, think again. Stats aren't out yet for 2017 but here's the Idaho State Police Crimes Against Property Report for 2016 that proves you can never be too careful.