There probably won't be any three-eyed fish as a result, but we will be getting more power...and clean water to boot!

NuScale Power is taking their newly adapted nuclear technology and building the first plant in Idaho Falls. While the words "nuclear power" can sometimes be misconstrued, this sounds like it's really good news for the Gem State.

First off, the plants (which will include 12 reactors) don't just produce energy, they'll be providing clean water as well. As in millions of gallons of clean water per day. Also, the new power plant will be providing over 1,200 construction jobs and 400 jobs on site upon completion. Jackie Flowers, the general manager for Idaho Power, explains:

A NuScale power plant would mean tremendous economic opportunity for our community. Grid stability for our region and importantly it would be advancing the safest design in the world.

Don't get too excited for the new tech just yet. NuScale Power doesn't plan on opening the new plant until 2026.

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