Put your cell phone down if you're driving through this Idaho town, or you could be pulled over and given a ticket. 

You can no longer use a handheld phone while driving through Idaho Falls.

The cell phone ban goes into effect next week, but tickets won't be given until January according to the Idaho Statesman.

The new law is being taken so seriously, that you will be charged with a misdemeanor on your third offense within a two year period.

The only exceptions to the new law are if you are part of law enforcement or you can prove you had an emergency.

Of course, hands-free cell phone communication while driving is still completely legal throughout the state, although texting while driving is not.

Other Idaho cities who have banned handheld cell phones while driving are Ketchum, Hailey, Sandpoint, Blaine County, and Sandpoint.

So put the cell phone down to be extra safe and hopefully, the cell phone ban in these areas will help decrease accidents and distracted driving on our Idaho roads.

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