Picture this: it's a normal day, and you're scrolling through your phone, catching up on the latest news and memes. Suddenly, your phone starts blaring with an emergency alert, instructing you to take immediate shelter due to an invasion of our country.

Because of this alert, you scoop your family up and head to your shelter that is surely stocked with tons of food and weaponry; you know, the one people poked fun at you for having and being "overprepared"?

It's happened before

Okay, so maybe we're not due to be invaded any time soon (that we know about) but, in a hypothetical scenario like this, an emergency alert system that reaches every cell phone could be a game-changer.

It's why FEMA ran a nationwide test in late 2023 to ensure nationwide systems would work on a massive scale.

The test sparked several conspiracies across the nation with some thinking we were preparing to be invaded while others speculated an apocalyptic event was approaching.

Now, in 2024, conspiracy theorists have a good reason to bust out the tin foil hats again.

When will the feds take over Idaho cell phones again?

According to PennLive, FEMA says that they are still "'analyzing results' from that test 'and determining whether the next national public alert and warning system will be in 2024 or 2025."

If we do see another alert in 2024, it's highly likely that we'll see a similar test conducted. According to FEMA, the last test lasted about a minute, and basically every form of media participated.

The good news is, that whenever this test goes down, we won't be required to do anything or take any action.

Unless you're suddenly motivated to double-check that shelter you have to make sure you're prepared for when the apocalypse does happen.

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