Love letters and family trinkets in a shoe box from the 1920's have made their way home to one family in Nampa today!


The mystery has just been solved!


It started back in 1994 when Randell Hodgkinson was working in Horseshoe Bend on a hydroelectric plant.


At the time they were tearing down some shacks when he stumbled upon a shoe box filled with about 30 love letters from 1924 to 1926, little trinkets, a Bible, and the love story between Lawrence and Etta.


Randall Hodgkins kept the box, knowing it must be special to someone and he tried to find the owner for more than a decade.


After not finding the owner for a good 10 years, he turned the box over to KTVB Channel 7 to see if they could help out.


Managing Editor Gary Salzman took on the challenge and ended up connecting a name from the letters to a local obituary.


Now the shoe box is the hands of Lawrence and Etta's granddaughter Janice McIntosh and she says "it's something that will be passed down generations for sure."