Idaho hit Vogue's list with cities like Sri Lanka and Madagascar.  Yeah, we're that cool!


The 10 Hottest Travel Destinations For 2017 list has just been released by Vogue Magazine and Idaho made the cut.  The other cool thing is we're the only place in the U.S. to make the list.  We came in at #7.


Vogue says Boise is the place to be.  Their exact words are Boise is "quietly setting itself up to be one of America’s most desirable second-tier cities," thanks to its modern amenities, craft beer scene and the "incredible access to the outdoors."


Sun Valley was also featured in the article because of their heli-skiing opportunities and let's face it... there's a lot of fancy houses with Hollywood superstars there.


Here's the Top 10...


10.  Columbia

9.  Aarhus, Denmark

8.  Jordan

7.  Idaho

6.  Trinidad and Tobago

5.  Sri Lanka

4.  Madagascar

3.  Langkawi, Malaysia

2.  Oman

1.  Georgia (The Country not the State)


Read about the entire Top 10 HERE.