Wow, we've unfortunately had a lot of this lately. First, a Caldwell mother taking a plea deal after being accused of shaking a baby and now this man's actions have landed a child in the hospital with head injuries.

30-year-old James H. Dunkle of Idaho Falls is facing felony injury to a child charges after admitting he physically abused his girlfriend's, 18-month-old baby yesterday.

Originally, Dunkle told authorities the child fell out of bed and was unresponsive, but when police noticed injuries on the child that were inconsistent with Dunkle's story he was brought in for questioning and eventually admitted guilt.

According to, the child has been transported to Primary Children's Hospital in Utah with serious head and bodily injuries.

Trust me, I get being frustrated as a parent. My daughter Jocelyn was so colicky that I swear she screamed for eight months straight. I remember being so frustrated that sometimes I would have to put her in her crib and just go outside and take a five-minute walk to calm myself down, but it is never ever o.k. to lose your cool like that. You are the adult. That child is completely helpless and trusting that you will take care of them and I have zero tolerance for anyone who hurts a child or an animal. Some mistakes are just not tolerable and this is one of them.

Please keep your thoughts and prayers with this sweet child and their family.

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