Judge Deborah Bail rarely imposes life sentences but did with 29-year-old Justin Anderson because she felt that Anderson was just too much of a risk for children in our society.

KTVB reports that Anderson will now spend the rest of his life behind bars with no possibility of parole because of his extreme circumstances with child pornography.  Part of it was marrying a homeless woman to have access to her young daughter which he did abuse and exploit.  The abuse did not stop with this little girl.  Anderson had more than 30,000 child pornography files on his computer in the form of videos, pictures, documents, and more.

Anderson's official charges he's been indicted for are 28 criminal counts that included lewd conduct with a child, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.  The details of what the entails, I don't want to know.  I'm just very grateful that a judge had the guts to lock this guy away forever.  I have kids.  Four of them daughters.  These poor excuses for human beings are what I fear the most when it comes to keeping my kids safe.  I want to thank the legal system for getting it right this time.  Thank you for getting this man off the streets.

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