They say there's no use crying over spilt breast milk, but a Nampa and Meridian Home Depot employee begs to disagree.

Randi Allred had worked for The Home Depot since January 2013. She started in a supervisor role at the Home Depot in Meridian, before working her way up to Assistant Store Manager of Meridian, and then transferring to the Nampa Home Depot where she continued working as an assistant store manager.

After working in management for the store for over four years, she's now suing her employers after her boss at the Nampa Home Depot, Josh Halett, wouldn't allow her to take additional breaks to pump her breast milk.

Per Allred's lawsuit, after returning from maternity leave, she informed the Medical Health Management department that she would need certain post-pregnancy accommodations in the form of 30 minute breaks every three hours to express her breast milk, up through October 11th, 2017, as her newborn was allergic to both milk and soy, the main components of store bought baby formula.

The Medical Health Management department instructed Allred to work with Hazlett for these accommodations to be incorporated into her schedule. However, despite speaking with him directly about her medical necessary accommodations, Hazlett scheduled her for seven straight days of ten-hour shifts without incorporating any breaks for her to express her milk.

After talking it over, her management allegedly continued to ignore her breaks, and ultimately denied the requests.

As a result of being denied, Allred's breast milk began to dry up, and she was unable to provide her son the quantity of food he needed to be adequately nourished.

After a period of time of trying to work with the Home Depot to have breaks to pump milk, she was not able to receive any breaks, so she left her position on January 30th in order to provide food for her child.

She's now suing the Home Depot for pregnancy discrimination. She's seeking at least $75,000 in damages and $2,340 in accrued vacation wages she claims the company has refused to pay her.


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