According to Vogue, not only is Idaho a great place to visit, it's one of the top 10 places to visit IN THE ENTIRE WORLD in 2017!  In fact, Idaho was the only US state to make the list.  Tough to believe? Well, just take a look at what Vogue had to say about the Gem State:

According to Vogue, "Idaho is having a moment. The capital, Boise, may not have an Ace Hotel yet, but it’s quietly setting itself up to be one of America’s most desirable second-tier cities with hip lodging like the Modern Hotel + Bar, indie coffee shops, creative hubs, distilleries, and a serious craft beer scene."

They go on to say, "And then of course, there’s the incredible access to the outdoors, including more than 190 miles of trails to hike, run, and bike in the Boise Foothills. Hemingway’s beloved Sun Valley, while often overlooked for glitzier mountain towns like Telluride, Park City, and Jackson Hole, is having a renaissance. America’s first destination ski resort area offers some of the best slopes in the U.S. and still maintains a laid-back mountain-town feel (think Aspen in the ’60s)."

Wanna know who else made the list? Here ya go:

1. Georgia (The country, not the state)

2. Oman

3. Langkawi, Malaysia

4. Madagascar

5. Sri Lanka

6. Trinidad and Tobago

7. Idaho

8. Jordan

9. Aarhus, Denmark

10. Colombia

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