Nobody likes to focus on the negatives.  Most people just want to sweep them under the rug and pretend there's nothing there but facts are facts and true or false, there's information rapidly spreading about Idaho's school system and the rumors are not good.

The Huffington Post's list of BEST schools in America also reveals the WORST schools in America.  Only three states finished behind us.  New Mexico, Mississippi, and Nevada came in dead last.  So that means we came in at #47.  Yikes!  Here's why.

We spend $8,066 per student on a yearly basis which is the 2nd lowest in the nation.  Only Utah comes in worse than that.  The distribution of those funds across districts is done so in a poor manner as well.  One of the main factors looked at in a healthy state education system is preschool.  We have less than 30% of our three and four year old kids in school which is the absolute lowest in the country.

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