Does it really get much lower than stealing a service dog?! Let's help get this woman's dog back!


A 4 year old black Yorkie service dog named Bridgette has been stolen up north in Post Falls, Idaho.


The victims car, a white 1999 Ford Escort, was broken into and along with stealing the dog, the thief also took the woman's purse, and an overnight bag.


Bridgette was in a pink dog carrier and is wearing a collar with a heart shaped tag that has her name on it.


According to KTVB, the woman pictured above was seen 20 minutes after Bridgette was stolen and she was using the victims debit card.


No one knows where this woman was heading or what she planned to do with Bridgette. It's possible she could be in the area.


If you think you see the woman in the picture or if you think you see Bridgette the dog please contact the police at 446-2237.