Last year President Donald Trump signed a law changing the federal tobacco sales age from 18 to 21. Here in Idaho, earlier today, The House Health and Welfare Committee approved a measure to bring Idaho up to that standard to match the federal smoking age. Most Idaho stores are already following the federal law and only selling smoking products to individuals over the age of 21.

However, The House Health and Welfare Committee say that the state law needs to be updated to match the federal law so there is no confusion or gray area for stores, individuals and law enforcement. This would not, even though there was some confusion, have any affect where adults are able to smoke in Idaho. This just has to do with the age requirement.

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This is a tricky subject though and many are upset that if you are old enough (18) to join the military or buy a house that you should be old enough to make the decision to smoke or vape. I can see both sides. I grew up with a dad that smoked and went through a smoking phase in my younger years (early 20s mostly) but it didn't stick into a lifelong habit for me.

According to The News & Observer, one of the main pushers for this to pass is Republican Rep. Fred Wood. Wood has served in the House for eight terms and is a retired physician. He would love to see the age raised to 21 in an effort to help young Idahoans prevent smoking.


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