A WWII soldier will finally be laid to rest in Emmett on Saturday after a 73-year-old ordeal. 

Army Private First Class Fred Ashley died May 4, 1945, on a reconnaissance mission in former Czechoslovakia. According to KTVB, he was last seen being carried away by German Troops.

Ashley's family received some closure when shortly after the war ended they received word that his body had been found.

Upon further examination years later, Ashley's family was told the remains were not Fred's but another soldier named Richard Lane.

The remains were taken to Nebraska and buried with full military honors. Long story short, the military misidentified the remains and after further analysis this past summer the mix-up was straightened out and now Army Private First Class Fred Ashley will be laid to rest in Emmett this Saturday in a special ceremony with full military honors.

We are so grateful to see this mystery solved and for this brave soldiers family to have peace and to have him home.