There are so many beautiful places that you could choose to live in Idaho. One city, however, while beautiful... is housing a dark secret that could be causing its residents to develop cancer.

Radioactive Fallout in Idaho

According to the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense Acquisition & Sustainment (or "OUSD A&S" which is much easier), there were "188 nuclear tests conducted between 1951 and 1958" with many of those taking place at the Las Vegas Bombing and Gunnery Range in Nevada.

These tests resulted in nuclear fallout that got carried through our skies and contaminated parts of Idaho... including the town of Emmett.

The effect of nuclear fallout on Emmett

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), nuclear fallout is filled with hundreds of radionuclides which can stay in the environment ranging from a few minutes all the way up to thirty years.

Back in 2004, a report from the New York Times revealed that many residents in Emmett may have been exposed to those radionuclides which might have caused an increase in cases of various types of cancer.

It caused a stir back then when a 1997 report revealed just how bad it was with nuclear fallout polluting the soil and even polluting the cattle that would consume the vegetation.

Isn't it safe now? Plenty of time has passed!

If bomb testing took place back in the 1950s and fallout can only last for up to thirty years, shouldn't it be safe to live in Emmett?

Possibly but not everyone is convinced especially when there are rumors of the soil in Emmett still containing radiation from those nuclear tests.


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As you can see, there are still people who believe living in Emmett will increase your chances of catching cancer.

The EPA has monitoring systems that allow you to check on the gamma levels in the area and at least to us -- normal people who aren't scientists -- it appears that everything is OK and safe.

What do you think? Is there leftover radiation from nuclear testing in Emmett or is it all gone and now just an urban legend?

Share your thoughts or experiences with us here.

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