It is the first day of special session at the Idaho Statehouse and protesters made sure they were heard and seen by all. KTBV has reporters on the scene. A group of a few hundred protesters who way outnumbered Idaho State Police demanded to be let into the House gallery and were not taking no for an answer. None of the protesters were wearing masks and were pushing and shouting to be let in. A glass door was shattered in the chaos.

Ammon Bundy seems to be leading the protesters. This would not be the first for Ammon, who also led protests about the state's response to the COVID pandemic. Jefferson Street in front of the Statehouse was blocked off, and police wearing riot gear started showing up outside.

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Even through the chaos, lawmakers were able to get somewhere. They voted to introduce a handful of bills that would limit liability of institutions including schools from the pandemic. They also voted to get a bill in place outlining absentee and in-person voting and how it is going to work in November for the presidential election.


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