Would you believe me if I told you that some teachers are already bringing guns to school?  It's true.

Emotions have been running high and debates on all sides of gun control have flared up once again here in America after the tragic events of the Florida shooting on Valentine's Day.  Some of the talk surrounds the teachers themselves and especially after the death of two teachers in Florida now deemed heroes but tragically gone after paying the ultimate sacrifice by protecting their young students.

Every state has a little something different with their gun laws when pertaining to teachers in schools but some states actually allow teachers kindergarten through 12th grade to carry guns on campus.  One school district in Arkansas couldn't afford to hire an armed guard after the Sandy Hook shootings so they trained more than a dozen teachers and staff members as armed guards.

There are some reports of other countries arming their teachers and they back up that fact by saying there's less violence and specifically shootings but others say it'll just make the problem worse.

What do you think?  You send your children to school every day.  You worry about everything... friends, bullying, teachers, drugs... but the number one thing you worry about is the safety of your child.  Would you feel safer knowing that your child's teacher was armed?  That is definitely a loaded question and one that continues to be debated over.

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