The flooding here is so bad that you can not get in or out of this Idaho town!!


Only about 100 people live in the town of West Magic, in Blaine County but over the weekend the Magic Reservoir flooded so badly that it blocked the only road that goes in and out of the town!


There is so much water, that so far they can't even figure out how to make an alternative road to get people out!


Snowmaggedon 2017 hit this area so hard that Big Wood River is covered in 11 feet of water!!


The situation for this small town is obviously dire. According to one woman reports that she was stranded in her car for nearly 3 hours as the waters continued to rise over the weekend. Luckily she was rescued.


The only hope is for the waters to subside, which is happening. The water has dropped significantly since Friday so hopefully the fine folks of West Magic won't be stranded too much longer!