If you plan on taking U.S. 95 today be well aware. A landslide has blocked the road in both directions. 

The landslide took place between Council and New Meadows, Idaho which is about 2 hours north/west of Boise between Milepost 140 and Milepost 160.

According to an article on KTVB, drivers should plan on taking a different route in the area because crews have a huge clean-up on their hands and it could take several hours.

Dangerous flooding and landslides have been predicted in this area due to all the rain we've had over the past few days.

The Idaho Transportation Department warns that water on the highways is very dangerous even if it doesn't appear to be very deep.

Hitting the water at a high rate of speed can kill a car's engine leaving them stranded in the road.

Please use a lot of caution if you need to take any road in this area. The cities of McCall, Cascade, Weiser, Council, and New Meadows are all under a flood watch and have already experienced some hazardous conditions due to the Spring runoff.

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